This Week in Kansas City MMA, Invictus FC Results and Previews for True Fight Fan and Blue Corner Fight Cards This Weekend

Yesterday, I went to the hospital to visit my old teammate, friend, and someone I completely admire in Jacob Combs.  He has been there since his fight on Saturday night.  Why?  Check this video out.  (Special thx to KC Neutral Corner and videographer Bethany Greycat for this video). 

In the first 15 seconds he takes a devastating kick to the jaw while shooting a double leg and it breaks.  After a huge slam, and ground and pound, dominating his opponent positionally, his corner, Derek Bohi, makes a tough call to stop this fight and end Jacob's undefeated streak.  This is a little disappointing considering Jacob won the round, and this was such a fun fight to watch, but a selfless call by his cornermen!! 

However, this goes to show you that you may win a round, but not the fight; props to his opponent for his vicious hands and legs!  Adam D'Angelo is no doubt, the best striker in the amateur HW class around the area.   

Now, what you may not know from the video is the whole  round, Jacob was choking down blood barely able to breath from the injury inside of his mouth.  He has a pretty bad cut too, but "that was no big deal", he says. Yesterday, he had reconstructive surgery yesterday on his jaw with plates and screws.  What is the 1st thing he asked the doctor?  "Can I fight again?" 

Who does this?  A true fighter does!!  This is why I love this sport.  Some will understand, some won't.  It's really that simple.  Thx to Jacob and Adam for literally the best HW match-up 1st round of action I think I have ever seen. 

Invictus Fighting Challenge Results

170lbs Dakota Dunn vs Alex Cochrane-
Dakota Dunn with the Unanimous Decision Victory in a b
loody crazy ridiculous mess from these warriors.
170lbs Apollo Brown vs Michael Espinosa- Wow crazy perfect Tko victory by Michael Espinosa over Apollo Brown in the 1st rd. 

145lbs Daron McCant vs Keenan Mosby-  Look out for McCant, very talented.  2nd round submission Victory, rear-naked choke. 

205lbs James Ernest vs Joseph Woodard- Submission Victory, 35 seconds of round one, Rear-Naked Choke. 

225lbs Chris Flores vs Kevin WoltkampWoltkamp with the tko...1st rd

155lbs Francisco Carrasco vs Joe Canfield-  Canfield with 2nd Round RNC Submission Victory. 

145lbs Chuka Willis vs Justin Pritchett Contention Fight-Chuka Willis with win due to Tap Out due to strikes in the 2nd round. 

155lbs John Ford vs Dominic Cantu Title- Ford with the win.  2nd round armbar. 

Hvy. Adam D’Angelo vs Jacob Combs Title-  Corner stoppage after first round with Victory to Adam D'Angelo

135lbs Demetrius Wilson vs Billy Benz Title Defense-Unanimous Decision Victory to Billy Benz


TRUE FIGHT FAN: Tradition, Honor, Glory.  THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at Whiskey Tango (FREE)  Get your tickets from, your favorite fighter, or other participating locations. 

MAIN EVENT:  Travis T-rowdy Ford Mma vs. Matthew Fueston (155) MMA

Co-Main Event
:  Kevin Chamelio Salamandor Brown
 vs. Chris Tharp (170) MMA

Jr Dawson vs. Jarred Michael Merrick (145) MMA

Chance Camacho vs. Andrew Borden (135) Grap

Gary Westphal Jr. vs. Joey Fisher (170) MMA

Henry Brewer vs. Robert Russell (155) KB

Joel Harris vs. Ryan Baker (155) MMA

Tim Radford vs. Tony Borden (135) MMA

Travis Smith vs. Austen Bulston (205) MMA

Rick ___ vs. Josh Coleman (170) MMA

Geraldo vs. Justin Young (155) MMA

Julie Russell vs. Jessica Brown (135) KB

Jordan Casterline vs. Curt Johnson(185) Grap

Sam Camacho vs. Storme Burkemper (120) KB

Mariah Adame vs. Brittany Whitley (155) KB

BLUE CORNER FRIDAY NIGHT at VOODOO Lounge, Harrah's Casino. 

155lb Title Fight : Bernard Thomas* vs Chance Thackston* (5 rounds)
135lb Title Fight : James London* vs Joe Estrada* (5 rounds)
170lb Chad Williams* vs Jeremiah Denson* (5 rounds)
145lb Title Fight : Cjay Hunter* vs Kyleb Collins (5 rounds)
185lb Title Fight : Trey Johnson* vs Dustin Fischer* (5 rounds)


150lb Andrew Tyson* vs Izzy Ortiz*
155lb Charles Brown* vs Jordan Doolin*
185lb Joe Harris* vs Eric Davis*
140lb Pinky Busby* vs Holly Torrez*
170lb Joaquin Buckley* vs George Chandler*
145lb Justin Ferris* vs Josh Spencer*
170lb Shawn Boone* vs ????


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