Kansas City Fighting Alliance this Friday. Interviews with Sharkbait and Ben Elmore

Kansas City Fighting Alliance, Friday,  February 10th, 2012.
Truman Memorial Building in Independence,  Missouri.  
Interviews with Ben Elmore and Up-To-Date Fight Card below article
KCMMA contributer, Justin O'Dell

Headlining Kansas City Fighting Alliance this Friday will be the popular Kansas City pro-MMA fighter Aaron Derrow among other professional fighters.  

We can't wait to watch Aaron Derrow face off against Andrew Keehn in the main event at Kansas City Fighting Alliance this Friday.  

KCMMA.com sat down with Ben Elmore before his 2nd MMA fight Friday Night.  Here is what he had to say!!

What do sights like KCMMA mean to the local guys? 

Everything! Any exposure is great, and in this growing KC scene you guys (KCMMA) are the only guys out and moving and growing with all of us local guys. The rankings and the discussions that come up with you guys are great! 

How did you get into MMA? 

I have always been a competitor, and through developing friendships with guys like Rob Kimmons, James Krause, etc. it really came down to me needing to get back in shape a few years ago, and having gotten into mma as a fan. This lead to training and me now enjoying these amateur fights. I know I am not going to be going to Strikeforce, or UFC, or big shows like that, but I just love to compete. I hope I put on a great show for fans. 

What does being a part of this Kansas City Fighting Alliance's first show this Friday mean to you? 

First, Joe Wooster the promoter is an awesome guy. I, nor any of the other fighters, need to worry about Joe being a bad guy--he simply is good people. He will make sure things go right, and then the next show will be even better. It is awesome to be part of his first show. 

How can we at KCMMA help you and the rest of the local guys? 

Man, just being out here for us. Just getting us exposure and being willing to work through growing pains like the rest of the local mma scene as KC MMA grows. You guys are appreciated by the local guys. As far as what you can do to help more as the whole scene grows…Let everyone know there are legitimate mma training camps in KC. Sure some are bigger and smaller than others but they are for real, and as this sport continues to grow and gain more exposure in KC that kind of knowledge being pushed to the fans and new athletes will be extremely beneficial

Up-to-date Fight Card 

Professional Card

Aaron Derrow vs Andrew Keehn
Chad Vandenberg vs Adam Stickley
Farron Otis vs Bill Stanton

Amateur Card

Ben Elmore vs Caleb Eads
Tony Cardello vs Darien Blakeney
Drew Shippy vs Spencer Cox
Julian Marques vs Lance Lee
Laura Marcusse vs Kyla Potter
Marques Jackson vs Elijah Lindstedt
Paul Kolenda vs Jimmy Jordan
James Fuller vs Bobby Wright
Zach Hubbard vs Robert Puckett 

KCMMA contributer, Justin O'Dell, Photos by Jerry Chavez

KCMMA sat down with Ben Elmore
Interview with Anthony"Sharkbait"Gutierrez

1)      Why "Sharkbait" as a nickname?

When I first started training, I was the young kid at Grindhouse, 15-16 years old. I got thrown in with the experienced guys. I was literally the bait for the big sharks.

2)      I, (Justin O'Dell), am new to the KC MMA scene, and am just getting my bearings around the local scene, but I have heard of you and fighters such as your teammate, James Krause, on a national level.  Why?

We have trained together for years now, we are really close friends I think that transfers back and forth when each of us has success. Honestly we are both marketable guys.
3)      What do websites like KCMMA.com mean to the local guys?

Everything! As the local scene starts to explode with the national popularity that Zuffa's UFC has brought to MMA, other big promotions from Kansas City are going to be looking for local MMA coverage. KCMMA is doing that and presenting it easily for the fans.
4)      How can KCMMA.com better help the local MMA scene?

 I think as the whole scene grows, you guys are on point. The posted interviews are a great way for fans to learn about the sport and the individuals. I think as more and more local shows come up and they are looking for a marketing source, KCMMA can definitely be a marketing partner. As a fight fan, I want to see websites on local and national levels be a true source. Not an opinion, but a source. Sure, have an opinion column on your website but the websites need to be a source of information and marketing for the scene.
5)      Titan certainly appears to have all the makings of a world class operation. What does it mean to you to have a deal with them? What does it mean to know you have well known commentators, they bring in names, yet for you it’s all a local show? \

The deal and people they bring in are HUGE for me. They can pay bigger names to come in and anchor a show and give great local guys like myself great exposure.
6)      What’s your Titan contract look like? If things keep going well with Titan, are you going to stay with that promotion?

Four Fights in 16 months exclusive. As for signing again, they are a great organization and would have no problem working with them.  I am 4-0.  All I am looking to do is go 8-0.  At that time, we will see what the future holds. 
7)      When do you ask for a title shot?

I am a realist, I know in my heart that I am 16 to 24 months away from being ready for a world class title shot.
8)      Who, in any weight class, would you love to fight that is current?

With lots of laughter       Butterbean.

9)      Who in any weight class from any time would you love to fight?

I could beat Frank Shamrock.
10)  What do you think will move you to the next level in your mma career?

A combination of things, I have 20 amateur fights, I will have 8 professional fights in the next 16 months and I will only be 22-23 years old. I have a great family, I have a great training family, I am still growing into my body. I get that I have a lot of room to grow, I get that I have time to let it happen. I just have to keep working with the team I have in place.  I have access to all the tools that will help me reach my goals.
  I have to be true to myself. I am having a blast doing this. I DON’T want a real job. I realize how lucky I am.



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