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Blackout FC 21 Fight Preview

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:  KC's Dallas Browning vs. Ryan Braun:  Dallas hasn't been tested in a little bit and this is the type of win that will take him to the next level if he so chooses.  Dallas has that killer instinct and looks for finishes from all angles.  He is well-rounded and trains with the most sought after coaches KC has to offer.  He is a Judo national champion, trains regularly with UFC Fighters, and gets some of the best BJJ and muay thai training around.   What makes Dallas tricky is his attitude in the cage.  He gives off that "I don't care" attitude and then let's you make the mistake.  Braun is a true veteran of the sport and has fought everyone around.  Although he dawns around a 500 record, don't let that fool you, he has wins over some of the most top notch fighters around.  Out of about 40 some fights between them, there has probably only been one decision.  Look for this one to end early!!  

CO-MAIN EVENT:  KC's Derek Bohi vs. KC's David Hammons.  Both of these guys have extensive amateur records and a ton of fights between them.  They have both been ranked very high and probably should have fought 2 years ago, but that just didn't work out.  This fight is long awaited.  Bohi is coming with professional experience, great jiu jitsu, and KO Power.  Hammons is coming with heavy weight quickness and some KO power of his own.  Look for a 1st round finish!!

KC's Deron Carlis vs. Jason Powell.  I don't know anything about Jason, but he better be ready.  I'm not sure I have ever seen power from a 45er like Deron Carlis.  He is literally devastating.  Be ready for action in this fight.  Don't blink.  

KC's Deryck Ripley vs. Matt Dukes.  This is another fight that has needed to happen for a long time.  I've said this before, and I will say it again.  Ripley is the best fighter in the world still with a losing record.  Talent wise, he has everything to win fights at even the UFC level.  Dukes comes with a legit boxing game.  This fight will be fun to watch.  2 veterans of KC MMA.  Tons of experience between the two.  Look for the most technical fight of the night.  

KC's Andrew Tyson vs. St. Louis CJ Hunter:  Wow, I love this fight.  2 extremely talented, athletic, technical, and tons of amateur experience behind them against some of the most talented opponents around.  I can't say enough about how good this fight is.  Look for a fight of the night here because both of these guys bring it.  

KC's Jett Jones vs. Scott Futrell:  Both of these guys bring power.  Edge to Jett in the grappling department though.  Look for Jett to try to get this to the ground.  Either guy can win this fight though.  Not a gimme for either one.  Love this fight.  

KC's Shane Grant vs. Jake Zogg:  I don't know Jake, but I know that Shane will look to dominate with his wrestling.  If shane get's his takedown, there are few heavyweights around that will be able to sweep him.  Shane lacks finishing power sometimes, but he has a highly dominant top game.  Like I said, I don't know Jake, but he is more than likely in some trouble.  

KC's Kory Jamal vs. KC's Steven Graham
KC's Joe Estrada vs. Steve Barbee
Sharky Slyter vs. Brad Richardson
Fred Freeman vs. Daron McKant
Eric Sprague vs. Aaron Goldfield
Seth Golay vs. Kevin Woltkamp
Joseph Woodard vs. Roland Commack
Jesse Hill vs. Austen Evans
Chris Schlep vs. Joseph Skeen

TITAN FC 27: Ricci vs Gurgel

Once again, Live Professional Nationally
Televised, TITAN FC is making it to Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS this Friday Night.  It will
 air on CBS. 

8pm for the Main Card.  6pm for the Amateurs
 which will be live only.  Get your tickets at Cagetix.com

Kansas City will be in full effect on this nationally televised card with Kansas City Fighter and Ultimate Fighter contestant, Eric Marriott. You will also find Anthony Gutierez, another UFC Ultimate Fighter contestant.  Kevin Croom will look to extend his nine fight winning streak, and a ton of amateur action with the top up-and-comers around the area.  More than likely, you will not see this level of talent in KC this year again, unless the UFC comes to town. 

Titan is only coming to town once per year. 


Main Event
Mike Ricci vs Jorge Gurgel 

Co-Main Event
Matt Riddle vs Michael Kuiper 

Justin Robbins vs Kalvin Hackney 

Kurt Holobaugh vs Eric Marriott (Kansas City Fighter)

Kevin Croom (Kansas City Fighter) vs Bryan Goldsby 

Shark Bait Gutierrez (Kansas City Fighter) vs Charlie DuBray 

Ken Porter vs Bill Friday 

Amateur Undercard

Jordan Casterline (Kansas City Fighter)  vs Joshua Reed (Kansas City Fighter)
Brandon McMahon (KC) vs Eric Grant (KC)
Hannah Zeciri (Kansas City)  vs Florina Moeller (Kansas City)
Fernando Andrade (KC) vs Aaron Goldfield (KC)

2013 Amateur Fighter of The Year, Chuka Willis

KCMMA.com could recognize many amateur fighters this year, but one stood out above the rest.  There has been no one more active in the Kansas City area mixed martial arts scene than Chuka "The Lion King" Willis.  No one has improved as much as Chuka either.  

Although he took a few losses, he avenged one critical one with Steven Graham that easily put him on top of the 145lb weight class and was crowned the KCMMA.com Kansas City 145lb champion.  Chuka has been extremely active nearly every month this year and sometimes even fighting twice in a month.  

As usual, we don't just pick our Fighter of The Year straight on performance, but also how they carry themselves outside of the cage too.  If you talk to Chuka's coaches, the one thing they will always tell you is how coachable he is, how willing to help others he is, and how willing he is to help others at the gym.  At times, he has helped set up the cage, fought for the coach/promoter, and was there to assist in helping tear down the cage too.  

Earlier in the year, at KCFA (a Kansas City Professional MMA Promotion), there was a horrible snow storm the night he was supposed to fight.  Some fighters called off, but although he was three hours away, Chuka and his friend made the monstrous trek even after they got stuck in the snow.  However, they made it to the fights that night and he fought his butt off.  And, here is what you might not know: amateurs don't get paid!  That is all character right there.  

We are proud to announce Chuka as our 2013 Fighter of the Year.  

Thanks for all you do Chuka, and can't wait to see what you do this year and grow into your inevitable future as a professional mixed-martial artist.  


2013 Professional Fighter of The Year, "The James Krause"

What a great year for mixed martial arts in Kansas City, 2013 has been.  More promotions hiring professional fighters have made it to the scene including Shamrock Promotions, Titan Productions, Kansas City Fighting Alliance, and Epic Promotions.  We have also seen several of our MMA stars make it to the big Show, The UFC.  Needless to say, Kansas City MMA is not just growing, but making huge strides at becoming a power-hub for mid-western mma.

Although there are several fighters that we could have picked to represent the best of the best out of the professional fighters, one stood out above the crowd.  

James Krause made his debut against veteran fighter Sam Stout who has never been finished in The UFC and came in as a huge underdog.   It was a great fight, but it was clearly going Krause's way towards the end of the fight when Krause, with seconds left in the fight, slipped his patented guillotine on and forced Stout to be finished for the first time in Stout's 6 year stint in The UFC.  Krause earned a win bonus, fight of the night bonus, and submission of the night.  The first time this has ever happened.  D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N!!!  

Krause wasn't just a great pick for this award for his fighting skills either.  Krause came from very humble beginnings.  A few years ago, Krause had his chance to get in the UFC, but fell short then.  He had a controversial KO loss to get into The Ultimate Fighter house, but that did little but to motivate him more.  His work ethic and perseverance paid off this year in a huge fashion.  

Krause has also proved selfless in his quest to MMA stardom.  He has been busy putting his wife through nursing school, and has spent time giving time to charity events such as one for KCFA fight promotions for breast cancer awareness.  He also spent time and money putting together a charity poker tournament for his step-father who has been battling cancer as well.  

And lastly, you won't find someone more eager and willing to help those he is coaching at the gym he just recently bought, Grindhouse.  There is rarely an event in Kansas City where you don't see Krause volunteering his time to his team cornering, wrapping hands, giving pep talks, and most importantly, giving about the best advice a fighter can get between rounds.  

There were definitely others that deserve recognition around the KC area as far as mma is concerned.  We had Bobby Voelker put on 3 gutsy performances, Jason High fought twice with a guillotine win in his last fight, and Zak Cummings dropping to 170 and dominated with a 1st round darce choke.  We have also seen Epic Fight Night 1 Tyler Stinson sign with World Series of Fighting, Dave Rickels giving an awesome tournament win this year in Bellator, and Kevin Croom who is killing it continuing his 9 fight winning streak. .  These are all guys from KC that all deserve some crazy recognition.  KC Thanks you for the work guys!!  Congrats to James Krause again, and can't wait to see what this year brings for Kansas City MMA!!    

EPIC FIGHT NIGHT 2 Fight Breakdown from The Matchmaker's Perspective

WEIGHINS: MOXIE Bar and Grill 6pm Friday, December 13th 4011 North Oak Trafficway, KCMO 64116
EPIC FIGHT NIGHT 2: Scottish Rite Temple, 3330 Linwood, KCMO Fights start at 7pm
AFTER PARTY: MOXIE Bar and Grill, 11pm to 3 am.

Four Professional Fights and Three Championship fights.  A mini-jiu jitsu tournament and another 4 high quality MMA fights.  Most of the fight promotions these days are amateur mixed martial arts only.  However, these are amateur AND professional. 

Our 3 title fights are not just promotional titles or not sanctioning committee title fights.  These are titles offered by the #1 website in Kansas City for MMA and have been offered to the ONLY the best Kansas City has to offer. 


MAIN EVENT: Eric Marriott vs. Nolan Ty Norwood (170lbs):  UFC's Ultimate Fighter Contestant Eric Marriott at 22-6 is known throughout the KC Fight world as one of the/if not THE toughest fighter to ever come out of Kansas City.  Out of 28 professional fights, he has never been finished and has one of the most devastating ground games around. 

However, Nolan Norwood is coming from Arkansas here in the attempt to put an end to this "never been finished" talk.  Nolan is one of Arkansas's up and comers at 5-1 and is ready to make his mark and show The UFC what's up. 

CO-MAIN EVENT:  Dallas Browning vs. David Lindsay(170lbs):  There are many around Kansas City that say that Dallas is the most under-rated and exciting fighters around that is not already in The UFC.  Although he dawns a 5-2 record, do not let that fool you.  It far from tells the whole story of what this cat can do.  He is a Judo National Champion leaving some beautiful and powerful throws in his wake, a grappling phenom who just submitted an American Jiu Jitsu Black Belt in his last fight via guillotine, and is trained by world renowned striking coach, Austen Ford. 

David Lindsay is also coming up from Arkansas to kick his ass.  Like a "honey-badger" Lindsay don't give a s#$%.  At the last Epic, David toughed out a fight that would make most fighters quit.  There is not one ounce of give in Lindsay and he will bring all he's got coming up here Saturday.  DO NOT BLINK BECAUSE THERE WILL BE SOME SLAMS IN THIS ONE.  Hopefully the cage will still be standing after these powerful grapplers pound each others face in. 

Jason Witt vs. Tommy O'Neal (170lbs): Sometimes as a matchmaker you don't always look to put the best fights on paper possible together.  Sometimes you look for that wow factor.  That something that says, "maybe that fighter here is being overlooked". 

In every way, Jason Witt looks like the favorite.  On paper his record is much better, his presence is a little meaner, and his abilities look sharper.  So, when Tommy first said he REALLY wanted this fight, I ignored him, I admit.  However, when he was persistent, and asked over and over, I had to listen.  Tommy assures me that he will be "bringing shock and awe" and looking for that upset. 

At 2-1, Witt is looking to get back to his winning ways and make a move to The Big Show or one of the other major promotions.  I am excited to see what happens in this fight. 

Rodney Borden vs. Blake Pool (150lbs):  Blake made his professional debut at Bellator a few months ago after a storied amateur career.  Although he took a loss, he has lost no enthusiasm for the sport and will look to put a whooping on a seriously tough fighter who has been around the game of mma for a long time.  This is Rodney's first appearance back in the cage in almost 2 years and he is coming back with a vengeance. 

I look at this as a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, although they both have some huge KO and submission victories.  I would give the slight edge to Pool in striking and Rodney in the grappling department.  I look for a 1st round finish in this while both will push the pace fast and furious.  Crazy sick fight right here and maybe the best match-up of the event. 


170lb KCMMA.com Title MMA Amateur Championship:  Jereme Wiederin vs. Kevin Brown   Jereme is 10-2 who has taken on some of the best talent around.  He is a hard nosed fighter with a nice wrestling pedigree and a blue belt in jiu jitsu under Leo Pecanha.  Kevin Brown is coming off a championship belt win at a Saint Joseph promotion and a win over a 13-0 fighter.  He is looking to rob Jereme of his lucrative title belt.

205lb KCMMA.com Title MMA Amateur Championship: Julian Marquez vs. Troy Depriest   Julian may be the toughest fighter in KC out of any weight class not at the professional level.  He is very well-rounded and has made significant improvements to his striking game to match his grappling/wrestling game.  However, I have seen Troy Depriest drop a 12-1 fighter and land a 11 second KO win.  His power is devastating and is as good as anyone for that first minute of a fight.  Julian will have to whether a seriously powerful storm at first.  This fight is no gimme!! 

155lb KCMMA.com Titel MMA Amateur Championship: JR Dawson vs. Mark Sheilds
EPIC FIGHT NIGHT Fans are in for a treat.  JR Dawson is coming with a 18-5 record to face off against a extremely tough 7-0 fighter in Mark Sheilds.  This is one I want to watch almost more than any other fights.  The caliber of this fight is ridiculous and has fight of the night written all over it.  GOING TO BE HUGE!!

Andrew Lawson vs. Steve Atkins (135):  Lawson is fast and mean with a college wrestling background and has made great improvements in his stand-up game.  Atkins also comes from a wrestling background.  Atkins is crazy strong and explosive.  Great fight

Chase McCoy vs. Levi Gebhardt:  (170):  Both of these guys are tough as nails and are up and comer amateur fighters around here.  The wars I have seen them in have been great, don't blink here.  KO at any second. 

Adam Mrownski vs. Bobby Walker (135):  Adam is fast and has a good BJJ game.  He comes with an impressive 2-0 record.  Bobby is as tough as they get and a totally game opponent.  Maybe not as technical as they come, but he give anyone around a hard time.  I love this fight. 

Jordan Doolin vs. Phillip Pritchard (145) : Tough kids coming to brawl.  Jordan always brings the fight and Phillip is a little newer to the scene, but looking to make his mark.  Both are looking to make statements here.  Look out!

GRAPPLING TOURNAMENT: 4 great grapplers will be jiu jitzing it for the Metro Submission Kansas City Grappling Championship:  Bernard Thomas, Justin Fbac, Adam Vega, and Daron McCant.

Epic Fight Night 2 Press Release

(PRESS RELEASE) -- KCMMA.com presents Epic Fight Night 2.  December 14th, 2013.  Scottish Rite Temple, Downtown, 1330 Linwood, Kansas City Missouri.  This is a professional and amateur mixed-martial arts event featuring some of Kansas City's top MMA talent.   

IN THE MAIN EVENT, Kansas City's UFC's Ultimate Fighter Contestant, Eric Marriott will face off against Nolan Norwood from Arkansas.  Eric Marriott, who is 22-6, has never been finished and is known for being well-rounded and tough as nails.  Although there have only been a few, all of his losses have come via decision.  Eric is a machine who normally fights at 145, but opponents willing to accept this fight have been hard to come by.  Eric will be be pitted at 170 poundsn against Nolan Norwood, a Knockout artist who will be looking to hand Marriott his first loss by KO.  

In the Co-Main Event, a Kansas City favorite Dallas Browning will be facing off against Ben Brewer of Tennessee at 170 lbs.   Fight of the night written all over it.  On paper, match-ups don't get better.  Dallas is 5-2 and 12-0 as an amateur while Ben is 5-1 and 22-2 as an amateur. Defeat is in neither of their blood.  Expect an all out war here.  

Deryck Ripley, professional Kansas City Fight veteran, will be fighting Epic Fight Night 1 Veteran David Lindsay.  Ripley has had the most MMA fights out of anyone in Kansas City estimated around 50 some fights will be taking on a super-tough David Lindsay out of Arkansas.  Both of these guys bring with them a ton of cage experience and always bring a show.  This will not be a boring fight.  This bout is scheduled at 155 lbs.  

Jason Witt vs. Tommy Oneal.  Jason Witt, a local favorite, and a professional fighter who brings a feared reputation wherever he goes proved very difficult to find him the right opponent.  In the mean time, pro-fighter, Tommy Oneal lobbied and lobbied for this fight.  Although Tommy doesn't have the best record, Epic Promotions decided to give him a chance to prove himself against another newer professional fighter. There is a clear favorite here, but Tommy wanted this fight for a reason.  He believes he has what it takes to shock the Kansas City MMA scene.  This bout will be at 170 lbs.

Blake Pool vs. Rodney Borden at 150 lbs catch weight is a dream match-up.  Both have extensive mma amateur experience and are relatively new, but seasoned on the professional circuit.  Pool even has a Bellator fight under his belt.  Both are known for their tough and grit, Blake is probably stronger on his feet while Rodney might be stronger on the ground.  However, don't count anything out.  They both have KO wins and submission wins.  

Our Under-card is full of Kansas City area Up-And-Comers.  

We have the KCMMA.com, Title MMA Kansas City 170 lb Amateur Champion, Jereme Wiederin, taking on another top-ranked contender in Kevin Brown.  Jereme is 9-2 who has taken on some of the best talent around.  He is a hard nosed fighter with a nice wrestling pedigree and a blue belt in jiu jitsu under Leo Pecanha.  Kevin Brown is coming off a championship belt win at a Saint Joseph promotion and a win over a 13-0 fighter.  He is looking to rob Jereme of his lucrative title belt.  

The other KCMMA.com, Title MMA Championship belt is up for grabs at the 205 lb level between #1 ranked Julian Marquez and Troy Depriest.  

Kansas City's top Ranked Andy Riley(7-1) will face off against Wichita's top ranked 145ers, Evin Wolzee (6-1).  

Other Notable fights.  
Laura Uyeda vs. Samantha Camacho (115)
Zach Thompson) vs. Rjay Casper 115
Steve Atkins vs. Andrew Lawson 135
Chase McCoy vs. Josh Reed 170
Tommy Wilson vs. Bobby Walker (135)
Jordan Doolin vs. Reece Young (145)

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Midwest Submission Challenge Returns to Kansas City October 19th

Platte City Civic Center
$60 for 2 divisions, $50 for 1 division
Late Registration at the day before weigh-ins is $10 more and there will be no same day registrations

Click here for more info

Interview with Aaron "Daddy Long Legs" Derrow before his fight at KCFA "Fight For The Cure"

KCMMA interviews Aaron Derrow before his fight with Dave Burrow on Saturday, October 5, 2013. 

KCMMA: How did you get in to the sport? The progression from traditional martial arts to where you are now in MMA?

Derrow: My brother wanted to try judo out one day, so we visited a local judo/bjj club out in Blue Springs. Once we started grappling I fell in love with it. It has been a healthy addiction ever since. I started Judo and BJJ with the mind set of wanting to do MMA. So, I never developed the traditional martial arts mind set. I was always thinking of a way I could apply what I learned to a MMA fight.

KCMMA: What's your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?

DERROW: Whatever wins the fight (he laughs), but I like heel hooks the most.  I think they are the most damaging.

KCMMA: Who inspires you today? Who has been your biggest inspiration in the past?

DERROW: Everyone that has inspired me, or people I have looked up to in the past has taught me one common thing. Dont rely on other people for inspiration and motivation, YOU have to find it with in yourself.

KCMMA: Can you tell us about your fight camp preparing for this fight?

DERROW: My camps always go great, I had over a month to prepare for this fight. Im always in great shape for fight day. It consist of tons of sparring, and tons of grappling with top notch fighters. My team at Grindhouse always gets me ready for competition.

KCMMA: What does it mean for you to be a fighter?

DERROW: It's the life I chose. It's a huge part of me. I'm so thankful to be physically blessed to be able to do this. I plan on competing until I physically can't.

KCMMA: How do you handle negative perceptions of the sport?

DERROW: This used to be a problem for me. I used to care way to much about what people said, or thought about me. You have to realize people are going to be negative regardless of what you do or what you accomplish.

I know this guy from church and he comes up to me and says "I don't know how you do MMA. It seems so barbaric to me" This guy is really out of shape and massively overweight, so I say to him "I don't see how you can let yourself get so out of shape and overweight, then come sit in a pew, and worship Jesus, that kind of seems barbaric to me"

What you perceive to be true becomes your reality. I honestly don't care if someone doesn't like my sport. But the second someone starts telling me of things they perceive to be wrong that involve me, I'm going to tell them things I perceive wrong about them. That's how I handle negative perceptions about my sport

KCMMA: Being a veteran, how have you seen the perception of MMA change?

DERROW: Wow! I am a veteran (he laughs), I forget how many fights I have had.  For starters, MMA has become socially acceptable. It's become mainstream. Every farm town has a local MMA team now and, in my opinion, that's awesome. It shows the growth and success of the sport. You still have a lot of people who are ignorant to the fact that it IS just a sport. They confuse an MMA fight with a street fight. They just don't realize the vast differences between the two.

KCMMA: What holes do you see in your opponents game? Where do you think he is strong?

: Honestly, I don't know much about my opponent. From what I've seen, it seems like he likes to grapple. I'm not worried about anyone out-grappling me in a fight, or out-fighting me in a fight (he grins).

KCMMA: If you had to say there was one thing that separates you from every other fighter in your division, what would it be?

DERROW: I don't realize when Im getting my ass beat, I can just keep moving forward (chuckle).  My ability to stay humble and to truly appreciate all of the blessings and opportunities in my life.

KCMMA: Who would be your dream fight? Is there anyone out there famous that you think you would want to fight?

DERROW: Whoever the current UFC champion is. That's not a dream. It's my goal.

KCMMA: What do you want to be remembered for at the end of your career?

DERROW: Win, lose, or draw - I gave 110% effort. There are so many uncontrollable factors in life. You can't control the judges opinion; you can't control whether you're sick or not that day; you can't control whether or not someone you love has breast cancer; but the one thing you can control is the amount of effort you put into something.

BLAST FROM THE PAST when Brazillian Jiu Jitsu fighter Aaron Derrow takes on UFC Star, Rich Clementi at Titan Fighting Challenge.  Watch until the very end for an unbelievable comeback by Derrow that many proclaim as the biggest comeback in Kansas City MMA History.

Past weekend results in Kansas City MMA

True Fan Fight Results--Tradition, Glory, Honor 9-13-2013

Justin Young vs. Gerado Vallero (155) Young wins via 1st round RNC
Rick Lee vs. Josh Coleman (170) Lee wins via 1st Round TKO
Travis Smith vs. Austen Bulston (205) Austen wins via 1st rd tap to strikes
Tim Radford NO-SHOWED for his fight against Tony Borden
Tony Borden vs. Austen Payne (135) 3 round war split decision victory for Austen Payne KCMMA.com FOTN HONORS

Ryan Baker vs. Joel Harris (155) 3 rd split decision victory for Joel Harris
Mariah Adam vs. Sam Camacho (155) Camacho with the win via RNC in 1st round.
Jessica Brown vs. Julie Russell (135) Russell with the win via 2nd Rd. TKO
Robert Russell vs. Henry Brewer (155) Russell with win via 1st rd TKO
Chance Camacho vs. Andrew Borden (140) Grappling.  Borden with win via 3 rd Decision
JR. Dawson vs. Jarred Merrick (155) Dawson with win via 3 round Decision Victory
Gary Westphall vs. Curt Johnson (185)  Westphall with win via 1st round RNC Submission
Chris Tharp vs. Kevin Brown (185) Brown with win via 3 rd decision
Travis Ford vs. Matthew Fueston (155) Travis Ford with win via 2nd Round Submission. 

Blue Corner Rd. 22 Battle of The Belts 9-13-2003
Shawn Boone vs. Michael Heckert.  Shawn Boone NO SHOWED TO HIS SCHEDULED FIGHT
Reace Young vs. Josh Spencer (145).  Young with win via 2nd rd submission via triangle
Holly Torrez vs. Pinky Busby  (140) Torrez with Decision Win
Eric Davis vs. Joe Harris (185) Eric Davis wins via TKO in the 1st
Charles Brown vs,  Jordan Doolin- Charles Brown wins via TKO in the 2nd
George Chandler vs. Joaquin Buckley Buckley win via Decision KCMMA.com FOTN HONORS  (VIDEO BY KC NEUTRAL CORNER AND BETHANY GREYCAT)

Andrew Tyson vs.Izzy Ortiz-Tyson wins via 1st round RNC
CJ Hunter vs. Kyleb Collins-CJ wins via 1st round armbar submission
Dustin Fischer vs. Trey Johnson- Dustin Fischer wins via Armbar submission in the 2nd. 
Chad Williams vs. Jeremiah Denson-  Jeremiah with win via Armbar decision in 1st round
Joe Estrada vs. James London-  Estrada wins
Chance Thackston vs. Bernard Thomas- Thomas wins via 5 round Decision


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